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Why is Sardinia an island so popular among tourists from all over the world? For its beaches, its incredible landscapes, its traditions and culture. Because you breath in an air of relax and lightheartedness that you won’t find anywhere else.

We often hear about the beaches of Costa Smeralda and San Teodoro is one of those places in Sardinia, famous above all for the incredible Caribbean-like beaches that are an absolute must-see.

It is exactly these beaches that seem to belong to another continent. We are used to associate these landscapes with the Caribbeans, Hawaii and Maldives but they also exist a stone’s throw from us.

Hence, close your eyes and imagine a boundless space in front of you, a space of intense blue with turquoise and emerald streaks. The water is so clear that the boats look like they’re floating on air. The seabed is shallow, and it feels like you could keep on walking in the sea forever.

On the shore, the sun shines over the finest white sand and all around you, granite rocks dive into the sea and repair the beach with their green crowns of Mediterranean vines.

That’s what the most beautiful beaches of San Teodoro feel like.

In the south part of the Coda Cavallo promontory, lies Cala Brandinchi. The way in is located 900 meters right of the promontory’s entrance, you’ll find the beach at the end of a dirt road of 1.5 kilometers).

The sea that goes from dark blue to turquoise tones is clear with a shallow seabed, remarkably suitable even for small children. The beach is sandy and light in colour, reminiscent of a desert because of its dunes, and surrounded by two pine forests. Nearby there are bars, rental establishments, and restaurants.

The Beach of Punta Coda Cavallo is wilder and lost in nature. From here you can enjoy a superb view that embraces the islands of Tavolara and Molara. Above the beach you’ll find a breathtaking belvedere.
You can find the famous beautiful white sand and turquoise placid waters here as well.

Isuledda Beach is not as long as others but still presents all of the characteristics of the most beautiful beaches of San Teodoro: white fine sand, waters of shades ranging from turquoise to emerald and a transparent and clear seabed.

In the background the beautiful contrast of the intense green of the Mediterranean vegetation. The bright yellow of the Ginestra, the green of the Mirto and the red of the strawberry-trees (Corbezzolo).

Lu Impostu Beach it is no less than the others in terms of beauty. Sister and neighbour of Brandinchi, it is a wild, sandy white beach with a calm lagoon behind it and surrounded by Oleanders and Mimose trees.

Punta Molara is a sandy beach fragmented by stretches of rocky cliffs that liven up the landscape.

The beautiful contrasts between the blues of the sea and the greens of the vegetation are sublimated by the warm colours of the granite.